First run on the Katy Trail- 10.34 miles

Yesterday Darrell (my husband) and I went to Hermann, Missouri to enjoy tons of wine at the Octoberfest festival that is going on this month. I looked it up and saw that the lovely Bed and Breakfast we stayed at (Joey’s Birdhouse) was a block away from the Katy Trail Trailhead. I planned it out and we headed down there early Saturday morning so that I could enjoy a great run along the trail.  I ended up doing 10.34 miles, 11’46” average pace, 2 hours 1 minute, 51 seconds final time.  It was my longest run to date. The trail was absolutely beautiful! It is a 240 mile trail that runs from Clinton, Missouri to Machens, Missouri and there are plans to extend it to Kansas City! How Amazing would that be, you’d never get me off that trail!!Image

This was the start of my run, McKittrick, Missouri trail head. We headed 5 miles down the trail, turned around, and headed back. Darrell brought his bike so we were able to be together. It was so relaxing, no music, just talking and running (or riding in his case!). I enjoy that he rides his bike so that he can be along side me on my runs sometimes.

Next Saturday I’m running my first half marathon in the Waddell and Reed Kansas City Marathon. I’m very excited!! 10 miles was tough, but I KNOW that I will rock 13.1!!!


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