I’m horrible at remembering to write here.. well actually.. I want to write here, but I hate trying to hook my non-iphone up to my mac to upload pictures! LOL Anyways here’s what I’ve been working on in the kitchen lately! Image Combine all those ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate for 2-3 hours then cut and store in separate packages. They are SOOO delicious!!

I used:
2/3 Cup Honey
1/2 Cup Ground Flax Seed
1 Cup Quick Oatmeal
1 and 1/2 Cup Rice Crispy Cereal
1 Cup Peanut butter 
2 Tes Vanilla extract
1/2 Cup choped dates
1/4 Cup chopped almonds
1 Tes Cinnamon (Optional)

They are such a great (mostly) healthy snack to grab! Perfect mix of peanut butter and crunch! ❤

I have been slacking on my running lately, but I have been working out.  I was really stressed the last week and so I did yoga twice this week instead of working out. Yoga is such a great way to release stress but still get a good workout.  I always feel AMAZING after a yoga session!

This week I’m setting a goal of running. Starting Sat-Sat I will plan a goal for each week. This will be my first week and I am planning on running 25 miles.  I’ll keep track and update next weekend. That will force me to start writing in this thing more! 

Started the “week” off with 4.34 miles outside yesterday.  I really wanted to run more, but for some reason my left knee starting hurting!  So I came home and iced it afterwards, put heat on it before bed last night, and just finished icing it again so I can go for my run tonight. 

25 Miles. I can do it.

Is anyone else planning a goal for miles this week? I know @RunEatRepeat is doing a challenge for the month, and I am going to participate!